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Conditions Treated by your Hand Specialist in San Diego, CA

Arthritis is a Greek word derived from the words arthro, meaning joint, and –itis which means inflammation: inflammation centered at a joint.  Arthritis can take many forms and affect all the joints in our body.  While typically a source of pain, in the hand, the inflammation and deformity can result in significant loss of function.  Arthritis of the base of the thumb and wrist can be effectively treated. >> Arthritis in the Hand and Arm
Broken Elbow in San Diego, CA
Elbow Injuries
You may have an injury if your elbow is in pain, is swollen, is numb, is tingling, is weak, has a decreasing range of motion, is bruised or is sore. Tendinitis and ulnar nerve injury are the most common treatable conditions >> Common Elbow Injuries
Broken Finger in San Diego, CA
Finger Injuries
You may have an injury if one or more of your fingers. Finger joint injuries affect the tendons and ligaments but nerve injuries and fractures are common and require urgent treatment to get the best results. >> Common Finger Injuries
Broken Hand in San Diego, CA
Hand Injuries
You may have an injury if your hand is numb, is tingling, is swollen, is bruised, is twisted, or is tender. You should also be concerned if you lose the normal motion of your fingers.>> Common Hand Injuries
Broken Neck in San Diego, CA
Neck Injuries
You may have an injury if your neck is stiff, is in pain with arm pain, is numb, is tingling or is swollen. You should most concerned and seek care if  be concerned if you have numbness or weakness in one or both of your hands or arms.>> Common Neck Injuries
Broken Shoulder in San Diego, CA
Shoulder Injuries
You may have an injury if your shoulder is painful with motion, grates, snaps, pops or is bruised. Impingement and forms or bursitis and rotator cuff injury is common after trauma and with age.>> Common Shoulder Injuries
Broken Wrist in San Diego, CA
Wrist Injuries
You may have a significant injury if have fallen on your hand or your wrist is twisted, is tender, is in pain, is numb, is tingling, clicks, pops, snaps, or is swollen. Also be sure to see a doctor if your hand or fingers are a different color or not moving.>> Common Wrist Injuries