Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel in San Diego, CACarpal tunnel syndrome and other related conditions develop primarily from activities that require repetitious use of the hand and arm. These conditions are referred to as repetitive strain injuries.  They result from an accumulation of small injury over time resulting in inflammation, pain and tissue damage which affects daily function.

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from increased pressure or a pinched nerve at the wrist. Generally patients feel pain, numbness, burning or tingling (like pins and needles) in the hand, wrist, or fingers. Pain may radiate up the arm to the elbow and shoulder. Clumsiness and even dropping even light objects is common. Symptoms may be constant, or come and go. Pain, numbness and tingling may be worse on awakening, at night, or after strenuous or repetitive activity.  Without treatment, CTS symptoms may continue to get worse. Pain, numbness and weakness can increase and become constant.  Simple tasks like grasping a handle or utensil may prove difficult.

Early identification of carpal tunnel syndrome is important. Avoiding nerve damage by a change in activity, splinting, hand therapy, nerve glide stretches and cortisone injection. When necessary, surgery can be expected to relieve the pain and sensory symptoms of nerve compression and reverse the process of nerve damage.  In most cases full nerve recovery and normal function can be expected after carpal tunnel release surgery.  Even when there is severe nerve damage from carpal tunnel syndrome, surgery results in pain relief and further nerve injury is arrested.  Contact Dr. Balourdas today!

Location: Fingers, Hand, Wrist

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