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Preventative medicine and proper management of your condition are our top priority. We devote our practice to patient care and education. Our goal is to teach you how to recognize and control the early symptoms of conditions involving the hand and upper extremity. Early treatment can prevent more extensive and expensive intervention. When conditions arise which require surgery, our focus is on speedy functional recovery. This requires informed and enthusiastic patient participation. We offer a wide selection of reading material to help explain specific disorders involving the hand and upper extremity.
Patient Involvement: My staff and I work as a team. It is our goal to provide a comfortable atmosphere in which you will receive medical treatment. You will be informed of the most advanced technology and knowledge available regarding diagnosis and treatment of the condition or injury involving your hand and arm. As doctor and patient, you and I will discuss the best treatment for your condition, and, together, we will decide the best course of action for you. Your treatment is also likely to involve the input and care of a specially trained Hand Therapist.
Continuity: To ensure continuity of your care, we are pleased to provide your primary-care physician and your referring physician with reports of your consultation and follow-up treatment.


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