Hand & Arm Conditions in San Diego, CA

What Does an Orthopedic Hand Specialist Do?

He evaluates and provides treatment for all injuries and conditions which affect the Hand and Arm: Arthritis, Nerve Injuries, Fractures, Sprains, Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome among others. Treatment includes both operative and non-operative management. Care is also frequently directed by the Hand Specialist to include Hand Therapy and the use of various splints and assistive devices.

In considering a hand specialist, it is important to note the doctor’s academic qualifications:

Is he or she fellowship trained in hand surgery?

Additional training is very important in the surgical subspecialties, Hand Surgery is no exception. The current standard for training for a hand surgeon to specialize is a one year fellowship. This time after completion of four years of general Orthopedic training is devoted to the study and performance of surgical procedures that involve the hand and arm. Dr. Balourdas completed his fellowship in Hand and Microvascular Surgery and UCSD in 1989.

Is the doctor a full time Hand Specialist?

In considering a hand specialist you should ask if the specialist practices primarily or exclusively in the area of involvement. Dr. Balourdas’ Orthopedic practice is exclusively limited to the Hand and Arm.

As an Orthopedic hand specialist in San Diego since 1989, Greg Balourdas, MD places emphasis on the early accurate diagnosis of the complex disorders and injuries affecting the hand and arm.

By providing prompt, appropriate, conservative care, the need for surgery can be limited. By limiting the scope of his practice to the upper extremity, Dr. Balourdas is able to employ the most current surgical techniques in the treatment of arthritis, trauma and nerve injury.

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